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Modus Operandi: Carl Klapp 08

Welcome to this peek into the pages of the sketchbook. Today, the process of making one of the Carl Klapp strips, before I post the strip itself. Unfortunately, the format does not allow for a blooper track, you just get the boring directors' comments (i.e. mine).

Generally, I'll start in my sketchbook with a 3H pencil, as it allows for quick and precise drawing. Then, the sketches are inked with Copics ranging from .01 to Medium brushes to give them a firm and black look.

The results are scanned and cleaned up a very little bit. The resulting feel is slightly rough, which reflects the world the protagonist inhabits. In this weeks edition, some reordering also occurred, as the strip was drawn more or less back to front.

Then the walls are coloured, as are the background details. The colour palette is taken straight from the Berlin facades (minus the street art), vegetation and surroundings. The tool used is my trusty, yet inadequate Bamboo tablet.

The supporting characters are coloured in various layers. Again, a slightly rougher style is applied.

Finally, Carl gets his his face painted and is dressed from a wardrobe in seemingly infinite shades of dull colours.

Then, after a quick stop to letter the thing we have a final result, which you will find above.


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