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It is the season of the List (Yeah!)

It's the end of the year, the best of times and the worst of times. That point has come when we prepare ourselves for what is to come (and relive our past traumas) by making lists.

For your consideration, here are a few carefully selected random lists:

1. A list of names for the next decade in comic strip form… Yey.  — via Dieselsweeties

see more hipster robot webcomics and pixel t-shirts

Also a list of decades, from the 17th century BC until the 22nd, Who would have thought that time moves in such gracious, eternal cycles?
—from Wikipedia.

2. You are what you read— Stereotyping readers by their favourite author is the bookworms' equivalent to choosing your friends by their preference in shoes. Even though Lauren Leto does it very well and with a huge pinch of salt thrown in.


3. A list (in Pictures) of tastes exploding in peoples mouths and how yummy tastes affect our expression. Probably mostly from commercials.

—Via FNH

4. A list of things that did not happen quit…

Can we come out yet? Have they finished slugging it out?

This is the small difference between twelve and half past twelve… Some slight tweaks and the ground was there! Now they can have at each other whilst standing on a soon-to be smashed foreground!

Also: Colour layer! The Bash without a protective coat of lines!

The End.

A whole lot of Punch…

Is about to be thrown. These two have been at it for days and now, it's time to let the have it out in peace and quiet. Don't look anyone, this is about to get ugly!

Bringing the halves together

I know that I have a propensity for publishing byte-sized morsels of information… So instead of saying more to come and making a huge mystery out of what is, at the end of the day, a fun little sketch that I'm working on with some enjoyment, here are the bits that were missing from the picture.

Now: More to come.

Beginning, second half.

Here's another colour layer… At this stage, it looks like something you'd find on the walls of Lascaux. Which is good, I suppose.

This is going somewhere…

One half of a beginning…

A break from christmas and all the festivities… Have a colour layer!

I usually find this layer more interesting that the linework it is based on… And while it is still flat and undershaded, I am beginning to see where I am going with this sketch!

More mayhem is moving your way!

Santa: The sequel

Have a great Holiday!

This Guy has his hands full…

Carl Klapp 12: The Merry Mailbox

Today, Carl gets to regret that he does not live in a stately mansion, furnished with a fireplace and warm Brandy on demand. It is Jûlfést, after all.

Happy celebrations!

Carl Klapp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License.


Remember the March of the Small Black Men? This is what it would look like, were it to be animated.

(This is hoping animated Gifs will upload correctly)
UPDATE: They dont't. Click on the picture for the animated version


Now that Projet Männchenmarsch is over and done with, I will slowly divulge the secrets of the making. Today: Evolution form Sketches to a fully-fledged vectorised character.

Note that the last character has lost his tricorder… the reasons will become obvious in time.

And now for the night.

A few weeks ago, I took part in a low/Available light Photography Workshop with FreiRaum Photagraphy. Working with my trusty Olympus and a lens definitely not made for this kind of work, these pictures were taken in the still-warm Berlin, frozen over by now. In the spirit of things shining in the night, have my favourite pictures from that!

Happy Sunday and may you be very merry in your merriment.

Project Männchenmarsch.

This is another one of those teaser posts which are gonna be followed by a more detailed explanation of what the hell is going on here.

For now, I will have to leave it at the project logo.