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My Riverside Love…

…or my love of walking on the embankment, letting my mind drift and occasionally noticing harmony and chirping birds and the bees and the flowers… you get the idea.

This one comes in three versions: The abstract impressionst (or expressionist, you decide), above, the usual line art, and flat, cutout colour, both below.

Happy Fridaying, all!

Tumbling Circle

Editorial Note: you may notice that I have added a tumblr feed to the sidebar of Caramblogage. I've recently fallen in love with the ease that it brings to blogging quickly without the need to verbalise every post. The tumblr feed is tied in to this one, as I do appreciate the more editorial approach blogger takes, so you will find some content there mirrors what you find here. I hope youse enjoy!

Project Männchenmarch… Sketches

Last year, I posted a few teasers about an animation project I tentatively called Männchenmarch. What remains of that project are zillions of sketches, some of which I am going to be publishing over the next week or so.

Without going into the details of it, the idea was to create a stop-motionish world surrounded by 3D backgrounds. Thus the world would be animated, the characters choppy (which is fun) Let's see if I can come up with something else this can be turned into.

Today, you get a few Jazz-men and ladies. The second image is the transparency layers for the final film.

Sprig Fashion on the river

It is spring, the sun is out, the birds chirping cheerily from blooming trees. One of the side-effects of this is that the embankment at Paul-Linke is overrun with hipster fashionistas. They are not happy, as looking around them, they cannot help but wonder whether they have been outstyled by the person coming towards them. A quick impression.

A week in doodles Part3: Grrls

Heroes, aliens… they need someone to capture and to save. Who will do the capturing, and who the saving, is entirely up to your imagination…

And that brings us to the conclusion of this quick review of last week. Now onward to some content. Happy Wednesday!

A week in doodles Part2: Aliens

Last Week was also an interesting week for aliens, With Bling Alien and the defender of the Smorch coming to life. Neither are very compos mentis, so beware of their Gablifunios Hecrztuations!

A week in doodles Part1: Heroes

Today, allow me to regale you with last weeks doodles.
In a departure from the usual coloured format, these shall be filled with black and white sketching delights…
This post is the heroes section.

"My City… destroyed. My Friends…murdered. I will avenge their deaths, foul Ice-Cream Eating Villain"

Greeks led into battle by half-naked woman!

'twas the olden days of yore, the days of heroes and gods, some demi-gods and a quite a few angry squabbles between all of the above-mentioned.
Witness here the heroine of the battle of Thermonucliæ, in which brave Akantha lead ten thousand scared greeks into battle. Truth be told, they were all hoping for a glimpse of her legendary posterior 'neath her fabled, skin-tight armor.

Evil Alien Craves Hotdog!

Let us, for a moment, presume that this green and brainy being is not from this planet. Let us then assume that it craves world domination and conquest on a galactic scale. Let us, from that, infer that this alien creature burns a lot of energy in the process of inflicting its evil upon many people on countless worlds. The final deduction can only be: The only thing this pan-galactic terrorist really wants is a Hot-Dog.

Lace and hearts…

Today, a quick round of photographs of paste-on stickers on the streets of Berlin. They are by Rose, which in itself deserves posting, somehow… I hope they were blank at the outset.
And while we're on the subject of roses…

Happy Weeking!

It's gonna be Moider in here!

Something a bit more recent today…  No colours, as this scene feels like it should be in black and white. 

And the good news is that it's Friday! Onwards into the weekend! 

Mia and Julio down by the Graveyard…

As Mia stood, the moonlight reflecting off the naked, grinning skull of some happy soul, Julio began to feel hungry. – Can we chase some demons now? And then chop them up? And then Cook them in a stew? Pretty Please?

One of the february sketches I finally got around to wrapping in pretty colours…

Peoples at an Exhibition

After a very high dose of excellent contemporary art on Sunday, I found myself wanting to record my impressions of the varied people I ran across there.

I also find myself wondering why no-one seems to have much fun when contemplating thought-provoking art…