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And today...

we have some very deep and insightful calligraphy from yours truly!
The quote is from Amin Maaloufs book "Le periple de Baldassare", and is probably lifted from some Arab saying or other. But it's agood quote, so knock yourselves out!
copyright is mine, but dstribute freely. I wanna be famous!

Fear and worry

Hello, dear blog.
I shall tonight abuse you as a public diary for all to read.

I shall be repeating my oreliminaries come mid-february. And I am worries. The last time I went in to attempt them, I had killer project, which I had spent most of the semester on, which was simply not adequaetley presented by me. To think I had been joking that all that could go wrong in that respect was me...
Well, this time around, I don't have anything yet, except a solid idea of what I am going to be presenting. I am going to be doing a little show, which in German shall be called "Folgen", or consequences. The consequences f studiying graphic design, of success, failure, of living in Germany and thinking along with Germans, of working and studiying at the same time. This is the tenor that I would to struike this time around.
On the one hand, the subject is good. It does something that was missing from my previous presentation, it reflects what I have learned in the course ofmy studies, tha…

FBI defaults on Phone Bill!

This I love. The federal Burau of Investigation, that bastionof good American Values and quality surveillance, not to mention giving us stuff for untold stories, can't continue their surveillance because... well you read the title.

Some Art

So I'm gonna put up a few random inked sketches and some work in progress here, for all to see, behold and percieve!
Comments&Crtiz. welcome.

The french Presidents Woman

Towards the end of his presidency, Francois Mitterrand was famously asked by an excited journalist about his mistress and the existence of his illegitimate daughter.

Et alors? he responded - "So?" The scoop was knocked stone dead.

You have to love the french. With all the media spotlight thrown on Sharkozi and Ms. Bruni, the kind of response, as given by Mitterand (Don France nr.1), will not be possible. They are, uncharactaristiaclly for the French, who generally allow their politicos anything from mistresses to call girls, actually being treaded as celebreties would.

I have to admit I preferred the old system, a holdover from pre-revolutionary days.

Quoted from BBC

Quadriga under Attack!

And, just to celebrate a bit more, a picture of the Quadriga from, in which you can't tell if these are fireworks or if this is the end of the world, with the smoky green skies raining sparks of destruction upon the city...

Welcome to the New Year!

Now, here we are, finally having arrived in 2008.

All predictions have been made, all retrospectives undertaken, Q4 announcement are pending, another year lies ahead of us for us to use according to our natures.

Since I don't have anything too interesting to say right now, I'm going to make my new years resolution to fin interesting things to write here, full of wit, humour and occasional sparks of insight.

For those who read this, here is a short introduction to me, quoted from a facebook message:

Sometime a few years ago, I switched over to studiying graphic design and should be finishing the grundstudium, which I flunked royally last, sometime at the end of this semester.. the luxury of having your education paid for by her chanceloresses government...
but it is depressing seeing everyone I know turning into professor this or doctor that while I linger...but then I am enjoying my studies much too much to care. It;s all very arcane... while other people learn useful things like…