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Here, there be spies…

In the making and in the training: William, Sylvana and Belle.

Eyes and shoes and cocktail glasses…

No comment, just a little hint of whats next…

All together now: To be continued…

A Knife in the Curch

Today, a dark and colourful sketch, which I feel has something more that can be tickled out of it.

A moment before striking down Cardinal Grandesprit, the assassin taunts him playfully from the rafters of a small country church. He stands below her, paralysed and praying, hoping his inevitable end will be swift.

Mad science… Boom!

So, this is the end of the mad science experiment…
The result is that I need some new tools if I am to continue in this vein.

"Vhen I thow zis leva, ze welt vill be schanged… forever!"

Thank you for bearing with me as this unfolded.

Inking in baby steps…

The experiment continues… As this is the first time I do this, it's taken a lot longer than anticipated, but altogether, the results would be quite satisfying, if I didn't have the feeling that I'm relearning how to draw… not that I could in the first place.

The Strange effects of the Ice…

I'll come clean immediately: I am a child of the desert. Walking on frozen water scares the crap out of me. Snow and Ice are foreign elements to my warm, sunny soul. I sleep with my window open when the thermometer tells me its -20ºc outside. And yet I find myself fascinated by the effects the cold is having on this very siberian city around me.

For your enjoyment and consideration, some pictures taken through three or four layers of thermic clothing, with the aforementioned jammed camera. of strange and entrancing ways the cold manifests itself on Berlin.

Would you beleive that I am currently fascinated with frozen air?

As yet, I wish warmth upon thee… just not upon Mickey, whose diploma was saved by the cold.

Experimental mad scientist

This here is the starting point for an experiment I'm going to engage upon. It's one of my usual doodles, which I want to ink digitally and then colour… Let's see where it goes!

More to come!

Walls— a short interlude

The cold has my camera jamming. Braving the cold, I managed to reel off a couple of quick wall signals in spite of failing technology. Not entirely heart-warming. Here you go!

It's not to often you get to take pictures walking on water, so I'll add this one, too:

May your week be filled with warm spots.

I'm gonna enjoy this night…

… she thought, watching the rooftop across form her. Her target was in sight.

And she said the word, and the word was Pink.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend spilled some strange and fruity beverage on her bathroom kitchen floor. This fact was related to me through a social network and for some reason, started me thinking about how cute it would look to turn that situation into a Pinupish Girl.

 So, have this work in progress. Any resemblance to persons living or pink is fully coincidental.

"Oppsie… I went and turned the world pink, didn't I?"

UPDATE: quoth the culprit in protest "kitchen! it was my kitchen! and just 'cause I shook the smoothie as requested on the package! and just in case you're interested: it was a banana-strawberry-apple-smoothie!" . So kitchen it is. And you know what to avoid if you have no interest in pink.

You may, faithful reader, also have noticed the sparsity of recent posts around here. I have started a new job as a concept guy in January and am being kept nicely busy with that for the last couple of weeks. So in a way, this sketch also marks the end …