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External Interview: Egypt Now Looking For Hope // Huck magazine Issue 43

Today, I would like to share an interview I recently gave to the UKs Huck Magazine on Street Art and current developments in Egypt in relation to an article in the Book Walls of Freedom, which will appear in March 2014. It is published by From Here To Fame Publishing and can be purchased through their website

By Alex King Huck asks Cairo-born activist Caram Kapp what are the prospects for positive change in today's Egypt. Over eighteen momentous days in 2011, protestors occupied one of Cairo’s main road junctions, Tahrir Square, and stood their ground against attacks by security forces until Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down. This was a time when Egyptians forgot their ethnic, religious and social differences to come together as one, demanding social justice for all. Graffiti was just one of the many forms of expression released as ordinary people found their voices. After years of enforced silence, they rushed to express themselves in political debate, via social media and on t…