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Ah... glorious march. The sunshine, the birds in the trees, the movies, the sleepless spring love... are all things that have not come to this dear cityof Berlin. Instead we have rain, winds and clouds... the birds sing desolatly from the drenched trees. What has happened in the meantime... my internship is drawing to it's close, finally time to study! We have in the time organised the following: An event in Montreux, CH, Two in berlin, sent countless promoters off to sell apples of all things, and cheese of all others, designed and printed numerous CD labels, finished our courier slips and had trouble ohne ende with bitchy printers. Glorious. We also have had a film shoot with about fifty unfed extras, underpayed and overworked... And I have not slept since last wednesday, when we shot until three in the morning. Glorious march indeed.

Movies watched: The life aquatic yesterday, great fun and beautiful scenes, probably one of the mist surrealistic movies to hit the screens this y…