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Monday Murals

There was a time, not so long ago, when I used to roam the streets of Berlin in search of walls decorated with the output of the local street scene. That was about two thirty. Here you go. 

The last two seem to be a new take on Emess' Darwin series. 

Voices… for a change not in my head.

After waxing cultural for a good long while yesterday, I'd like to return to the first pictures to reach us in Berlin. We were elated, shocked, and mostly glued to news channels 24/7. This is what that lead to when a more general German audience needed to be informed.

An edit of footage found on the internet during the Egyptian uprising. The base for this video is a documentation shot by Hani Eskander, then mashed up with footage from news channels and youtube.

The video was created in one night of frenzied editing for a panel at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

Civilisation and the Cultural Explosion in Egypt

In my ongoing series of rants on  Arab culture, I offer you this:

In the venerable computer game of Civilisiation, the borders of your nation are set, amongst other things, by the amount of culture you produce. In this game, culture is calculated by taking the artistic, religious and technological improvement you have built in any given city, then multiplied through wonders or global improvements you have built in your capital cities. Occasionally a great artist or other personage will appear, allowing you to further enhance your cultural reputation. You can even set the national budget to support culture, which makes people happy.

This metaphor is not that farfetched: Reality requires similar structures to exist for culture to become a meaningful tool of politics and diplomacy: places that represent your culture, whether it be religious, artistic or a philosophical point of view. People who identify with the flavour of the culture on display are needed to populate those locales. Ever…

(Very) Sneak Preview

I'm just going to post this, say nothing about it and run.
I will suffer sleepless nights of bad conscience at this heinous act.

To be continued… 

Revolve¡ — Product

Proof (mostly to myself) that this magazine exists on more than my screen and has a real life existence. After months of work and gathering, this act of political admiration and expression of expression has been printed, bound, read and graded.

For those of you interested in the full product you can download a PDF version of the magazine here.

Pictured here: 

Front cover! As this thing reads in both directions, I decided to play with reading habits and have the magazine start on the right and flow to the right, but keep the spreads in a left-to- right alignement, as you shall see later.

The rear, dare I say back cover. Back, only if it is not the front, which it could also be.
Every section of the magazine has its own intro page with a quote and the contribution authors. I felt it was a nice way to introduce the section without illustrating too much.

The Timeline, based on the facebook and twitter Feeds of Khalis Said.

It is important to announce your content clearly and concisely at the…

Tribute to unhappy… bags?

No, no those bags.
The other kind, in which portable possessions are transported, sometimes suspiciously abandoned in public, or stored for decades until discovered by surprised relatives whose initial reaction depends on the contents of said means of carrying your stuff around with you.

A bag, with a guy. Thats how it does not work on WednesdayadsendeW backwards.  Which is not today.