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The meat of the matter…

of operation Grand Guignol up to now has been the sketches done while reading the plays. It's fun to be able to say that counted as research.

Onwards to more!

The Grand Guignol Sketches

In honour of something else that's been keeping me busy lately, these sketches I made for a theatre production of re-enacted Grand Guignol plays. They're going to be on around halloween, so keep an eye out for more on this front! The flyers will be distributed as of next week, so keep an eye out for something similar to these in Berlin!

This also represents an experiment with paint on tablet. The plays are, after all, based on performances in the 19th and early twentieth century.

Love and Arabs

Now, looking back on this assignment, I find myself wondering:what is wrong with two people sitting comfortably on a hill, stargazing. Because of possible publication in Arab countries, I was asked to redraw the last picture in a sequence based on a poem by Ahmad Shawki, who has a piazella in Rome.
This is what I like to call a photocopy job, for material that I know will be copied, not printed, which means that the whole sequence had to be reduced to a black and white sketch, and the cleaned up a little.
And then, of course, there was the look of the boy… No scruffy rebels in schoolbooks, but at least I tried to put one in there.
Which of course bears the question which version of El Waad (the Dude) is more attractive, and which is better fore the woman they both wooed.
Four your consideration, these sketches that lead to the event.

Date no.1

Date no.2

Have fun!