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25 Jan 2014

Don't you miss 
the easy days
the black and white days
when you didn't wake up 
to wonder where you stand

The early days
when you thought you were old
and the world no longer the place 
you once knew?

A reboot, a reboot!
A loss of innocence regained.

Days of wonder, long passed
the red days are here
what was once true
is not, but is
but wasn't when you look again

But you can't forget

— Begun in August 2013. It's not over

Rant: poverty in numbers and media

In the past months, it has become increasingly difficult to write about Egypt. On an emotional level, it is disappointing to watch hope for change turn into a desire for stability and a return to the way things were. On a more political level, the Committee to Protect Journalists has ranked Egypt as one of the most dangerous places on the planet to report from, along with Syria and Iraq.

That it ranks there, along with a country in which people are reduced to nourishment from blades of grass, and one devastated by almost 20 years of ongoing civil, secterian and militant strife, is worrying. The reasons for which it is ranked there- according to me- are quite different from the two other countries: while in Syria and Iraq, I count casualties of war, in Egypt, they are casualties of politics.

In the aftermath of the June 30th / July 3rd coup (soft, or otherwise), the powers that currently steer Egypt towards an Orwellian police state, revived the old idea that "no bad news from Egypt…