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MGW Berlin: Why

The Echo and the Origin.

One of the reasons Mad Graffiti Week in Berlin is a good idea is the inspirational value of of a good bombfest. Slightly edgy, just a bit illegal, it allows Egyptian artists living in Berlin to finally join in where they have been missing out and bring their work where they feel it belongs- into the public space.

This comes back to a slogan that I hear every now and then "Reclaim your City". Cut off from home and with no possibility of immediate return, many who live here feel useless and it is important to be able to take direct action in what is a volatile and sensitive time in the Egyptian uprising. It is important to be able to create your own space, your own personal piece of revolution abroad. It is about leaving a lasting impression on your surroundings and feel that you have done your bit.

Most of the visual artists I know in Berlin would go to demonstrations and silently hold up a slogan, or a piece of artwork, feeling that written words spe…

Mad Graffiti Week OMU

Hello and welcome back to the bilingual design section of this blog.

And to Mad Graffiti Week, Berlin as well.

In these very political weeks of graffiti, the message is more or less everything. In order to convey and sometimes adapt the message so that it can be understood or adapted to the local lingo. OMU in German means Original mit Untertiteln, which means subtitled version.

Trouvé sur les rues de Berlin

7'altak Floul?

One of the Grassroots Projects from Egypt that I think needs to be mentioned and supported is the 7'alti Feloul Campaign. 

Aimed squarely at giving individual citizens the tools to spread awareness to the Remnants (Feloul) who still support the NDP/ Mubarak regime, through videos documenting the misdeeds of said system.
I was asked, almost by accident, to develop a logo for them.

In Berlin, with Hanaa el Degham, we came up with a couple of ideas, documented below.