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London, a week on

Well, what we have we here....

A week on, almost to the day after the london massacres, and they have found the people pulling the strings, apparently.
Why? The question keeps moving around.. if it was attention they were after, they certainly got it (the bombers and the people behind them)..
In that, it was successful.
If they want to sow the seeds of hate and paranoia in western capitals (Madrid, London...) They ara managing it superbly, especially if you go beyond the people on the streets and listen to the rethorics spewed by politicians.
I really wonder how what they say sounds to an objective arab or Muslim or islamist or just concerned onlooker.

It must sound like terror has allready won, in spite of all the reassurances that "we are doing all we can to increase security".

If they wanted to polarise my class into a discussion about the rules of engagement as according to terrorists, they managed that as well. We seem to be engaged in a heated discussion about the whys …