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Easter, Demonstrations and hunting for whole eggs.

A few pictures shot on various demonstrations on 23 April 2011.  CC Attribution on all.

Type Research Diary — Snippets of a paper

"At the point of these interviews, to paraphrase one interviewee, there is a deep split in the Arab persona. A part of it is the proud heir of an ancient culture, deeply rooted in religion and tradition. The other part of it is keenly aware of the occident and the lifestyle generally associated with it: freedom of expression, wealth and ease of life, sexual liberation and rationalism are terms, which while expressed differently, form a great part of the narrative about Europe and America."

"When setting type in Latin script, it is possible to set a language you do not know as the letters are mostly separate, standing on their own and do not take on specific forms depending on their position. Latin type includes ligatures, yet they are mostly used for ornamental purposes and handwriting. Arabic type consists of ligatures, interrupted by spaces after certain letters, both in and writing and in type. It is also written from right to left."

"The language has also …

How to demonstrate effectively

While this is aimed at people who will probably never read it, nonetheless a short summary of my views on the subject:

Have a message

This is important. You are not rabble on the streets. Beyond the private politics of every participant, there is a greater cause behind the union of a large number of people. That is your message. Why are you assembled here today. Write it down. Distribute it. Stick to it. This is the point you wish to get across to the broader public. Who is taking part takes a distant second place to that.


Yes, things will go wrong. That is the way life is. There will be glitches, and people will be people. Tempers will fray over any amount of time. Frequent reunions are helpful, as are emails and dropbox to keep everyone updated. Your message needs to be distilled, through discussion, to its maximum effectiveness. Choose your route wisely, through well-populated areas with cameras in them. You never know who may be looking. Plan ahead for the worst case, such as…

Gets… well, musical

I haven't done one of these in a while… an honest- to- god concert flyer.

The band is Neshez, from Tunisia, the date the thirtieth, the place is the Werkstatt der Kulturen. Be there or… 
There is, somewhere in the depths of the internet, a super-secret alternate version of this. Drinks will be bought for the lucky finder.