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Two Minutes: Sanitised

It was a quiet, peaceful, predictable time. All the songs were about love, and peace, the soy eggs on the breakfast table and 176 shades of lavender. The news spoke of growth, the glory of the nations and endless, invisible victories. Time was devoted to communal reflection on publicly accepted (and officially endorsed and corrected) opinions. Art was abstract, fluffy and properly integrated into the market. Everyone knew their exact value, as determined by the "Citizen Points" system, daily tasks and privileges, as assigned and earned through that system. And the big numbers generated by the economy buoyed the general optimism of the era, which in turn bulled the market, which in turn buoyed the big numbers- it was a healthy, reciprocal cycle.  
No-one really liked each other, but everyone somehow got along- of course, people had long ceased to talk to each other directly. Such unmediated communication had beed deemed harmful, unsafe and untrustworthy by the majority conse…