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The March of the Small Black Men

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted any sketches. I was a bit taken aback yesterday, looking at the blog, finding that all my recent posts were about Youtube videos or net crazes… which, in itself is fine. I love the web and the great and funky weirdness it sometimes provides. But…

The very simple explanation is that most of my output recently has been work-related and I have to keep most of it under wraps. But to give you a tiny little hint of what is going on in front of the screen right now, have a gander at this:

More, hopefully to come as it does.

I'm never gonna shower again…

Ah, the joys of the clean bathroom. It shines and sparkles and it smells nice. It makes the morning that much brighter and the water feel warmer and all manner of things cuddly, hygienic and fragrant. 
Here's what really happens, courtesy of the league of People against Dirty. It seems they want nutrition information printed on cleaning products.

Via wordsandpictures.

Did the Beatles really Break Up? Did John Lennon really Die?

Well- ygno…

From what I assume to be a parallel universe (or California), hails one James Richards, who claims to have stumbled across an unreleased, unpublished, maybe even unrecorded new album by the Fab Four. 

If you wanna have a listen, this would be the place to click.

For the full story (and a download of the Album) go ahead and click riiiight here

Never mind the veracity of this story, I like the idea behind it.

Thanks to Tasmo!

The picture used and the Tracks linked to are from James' Richards' site!

Tuesday Train Sketch

So, once again, I am heading out to Potsdam several mornings a week.
And once again, my favourite occupation on the train that takes me there is sketching my neighbours' cartoony alter egos.


What better way to start the week than three buxom lovelies, happily welcoming the opportunity that a new series of seven days presents…

This sketchbook is filling up quite nicely!
Coming soon: Variations on H!