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The day we didn't talk

#Ennahdha Party Statement on #Egypt Massacre
Tunis, 14 August 2013

The coup authorities in Egypt have committed a massacre against peaceful protesters in Cairo squares and in other cities across Egypt, killing hundreds and injuring thousands, including women and children. 

Ennahdha Party, which is following with pain and great concern the ongoing crime:

1. Strongly condemns this crime against the people of Egypt and its revolution, and condemns the grave violations against women, children and other peaceful civilians.

2. Express its complete solidarity with the Egyptian people and their right to regain their freedom and their rejection of the overturning of their will.

3. Calls on all Egyptian, regional and international parties to assume their responsibilities in ending this terrible crime and supporting the Egyptian people's struggle against the coup.

Ennahdha Party
Rached Ghannouchi

For some reason, it took this for me to understand my own position on what we have seen of Egypt …

Spring Lessons: Musiksehen Black and White

Note: this post was begun on 03.July 2013, just before Morsi was ousted from power. 

A long while after the last post, and a second Egyptian uprising against the rule of Mohammad Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood happening as I write, a seemingly unrelated post on a Spring Lessons event that will be taking place tomorrow: Musiksehen Schwarzweiss, or Black & White.

The idea was born at the exhibition "Right to Left" curated by EP51 and Uqbar. The exhibition was titled "Arabic and Iranian Visual cultures" and collected works of graphic design by artists from the aforementioned backgrounds. Included, by chance or design, in the exhibition, was a book by Iranian graphic designer Peyman Pourhosein of Studio Khargah. This book revealed to me a visual history of Iranian film in form of posters, vinyl covers, and film stills. Knowing that many films produced before 1979 are banned from screening in the country and connecting the narrative of the Iranian revolution to at…

The Colosseum: Returning from Empty.

Later on someone will tell me "Stop trying to make sense of it, just write about what little you see" In that spirit:

For what feels like the first time in months, I am in a blue sky with the sun above my head. 
A wish everyone in Berlin is currently expressing is an escape from what has been said to be the grayest winter since winters began being recorded and documented. Having suffered that greyness long enough, and business leading me to Cairo, I am glad to report that the sky remains blue and wide above the cover of clouds. The sun is still hanging in the sky, the clouds, so grey form below, turn into an endless white carpet covering and hiding Germany, until it disappears from sight.

This carpet seems to be covering all of Europe- a mountain peak here, a lake there, a hole in the clouds that looks like a floating island… We don't see any land until we're over Africa, and an ever-expanding network of lights tells us the ground below us is Alexandria, Damietta, and f…