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Rant: Designer vs. Human Rights

Designers are a weird species, On the one hand, they take on the job of redefining the perception of their clients, on request. On the other hand, they're a bit of an artist.

The mind trained in design is a mind trained in assessing and solving problems. It has received years of exposure to media in all its forms, sometimes to the inclusion of art and the work of other designers. It will have a close connection to the ocular organ, to the mouth and ears and fingers through the study of materials, textures and type.

In addition, a designer, typesetter, calligrapher, illustrator. web developer, CI specialist and copywriters have learned the tools required to produce their craft in the age they live in. From the monks illuminating manuscripts to the binary glitch crowd, even the neanderthals slapping their hand on walls to leave behind a mark of their existence, they have proved very resourceful at adapting the materials at hand to the purpose of shaping their environments.

Dusts mix…