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Showing posts from November, 2008

Sunday Evening Developpments

Todays results for the music book project thing… a bit more fleshed out than last time, and in a halfway decent frame, which is going to be decorating every page of the finished product in different colours!

Again, interesting this happen when you convert things destined for print into RGb colour space!

From Le Sketchbook: Tuesday Music Girls II

On the music book:

We finally decided which colours to use on the music anthology berlin thing. brilliant exercise in compromise. Now, these colours may seem strange in combination and on screen, they will look pretty good when printed on gray paper, and underprinted with white.

Today, we had a breakfast about grids & layouts… some fascinating, whilst sleepy ideas sprung out of that. Here's a visualisation of what the printed thing might look like. Again strange things, this time in the colour conversion from CMYK to RGB.

Again, more to come!

From Le Sketchbook: Tusday Music Girls

Due to a recent university assignment, I've been sketching loads of grils in the last couple of days… which suits me fine, quite frankly… have a splash page:

More to come as this particular project progresses!

People On A Train

Due to a half-hour commute between Potsdam and Berlin, I've taken to drawing a panel of people on the train when no-ones around to talk to. Yesterdays production, in full blazing colour!

Sunday Evening PIE

I don't know what brought this along, but between all the other stuff, this here young lady crept up on my mind and offer me pie in a cellophane bag… hmm. Involves some artistic nudity (or laziness in putting a shirt on). I like to imagine the shirt was destroyed in the quest that culminated in the freeing of the pie.

Meanwhile: Still waiting on the finished catalogues to be delivered, one book and a radio ad campaign in the works, lots of fun at uni and more to come as soon as I can!