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Event: Funkenschlag / Flächenbrand

A project I'l like to recommend here is the exhibition and process workshop Funkenschlag / Flächenbrand at the OKK in Wedding (Prinzenallee 29, near  u8 Pankstr), featuring Art and contributions from many Arab countries

Have a few unedited pics of what it looked like a couple of days ago. It probably changed completely by now.

Also: The Egypt day is on the 13th. More to come.

IGAF: The return of — a meta post.

Caramblogage is a strange beast that has found its way back to its roots in some fashion.

When we started out, sometime around 2004, I was fresh out of English Lit, a freshman in graphic design. At the time, a place was needed to put down words on screen, no matter who would read them. So, this was the place to put them. An irregular series called Is Goodness a Fashion documented random thoughts on technology, advertising, society and, in it's fourth installment, ecology.

The aim was to explore, mostly for myself, current topics I felt I should know a thing or two about. At the time, mostly due to age, I felt that I knew enough about anything to write at length and in detail, about everything.

Now, due maybe some maturity acquired in the process of aging, I try and research what I write about before I write it. That explains the current nature of this beast: research is hard and time-consuming work. So in stead of researching an entirely new topic every few weeks, I made a decisio…