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On visiting home Pt. I

1) 22.03.08
I had a certain image of myself upon returning to Cairo.

I would be sitting in our garden, a new notebook in hand, sipping cool, freshly- made lemonade from the guy on the 26th of July Street. Surrounded by cats and schoolgirls looking over the fence, I would write, wearing flip-flops made in the Arab Republic of     Egypt, documenting the Joys of revisiting the city of my     youth after two years of abscence.

Of course, all this is being written in an Internet cafe, but I am happy to report that I managed to fulfill that image. I am also very happy to be able to say that up to now, it has indeed been a great joy to come back here.

Leaving from Tegel, happily using it for my own bit of travelling in stead of picking up or dropping off friends and relations, I soon became aware that the legendary leg space provided by Tuifly planes is limited only by your immagination. A few nigh- yogic contortions led to a comfortable and tenable sitting position. My neighbour, obiously afrai…


While reading an article about pollution in Beijing (I don't suppose anyone is ever going to call that place Peking anymore?), I came across a rather clever piece of advertising that looks like this:

A closed curtain, which opens as you move your mouse over it!
I'm not going to spend a lot of time elaborating why I think it's pretty clever. Suffice to say that it plays with your natural curiosity.

Use the title link to see it, It's on page 4, the article is worth reading, too.

The great Pyramid of Dessau

Where I come from we have glorious Pyramids, built by megalomaniac monarchs to magnify their majesty.

We might argue that all of this was done to keep the people busy during flood season, when the banks of the nile became unarable and that the alignment of these three pyramids of Giza (the most famous ones.. ) vis-a-vis some stars might point to some kind connection between my ancestors and aliens. We might be mystified that in all this time, no-one has been able to dislodge any treasure beyond tourist revenue from the structures. They don't even have hieroglyphs on the walls, so no real historical data can be gleaned from them.

We are satisfied with the mere fact of the continued existence of the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world. And they inspire us.

For instance these two gents here: Jens Thiel and Ingo Niermann, inspired by the ancient construction, they have decided to breathe life into Great Pyramid Democracy.
They are co-founders of the Friends of the Great Pyramid…


From TBWA & MJZ here is the latest and greatest and funnest and best in contemporary skittles advertising.

Knock yourself out.

As, for some reason, I can't upload the full version of the spot, look here for it. But somehow I like the ultra-truncated version on display here....

One thought, though.. I can't for the life of me, imagine the skittles tasting any different from Smarties, albeit a bit tangier...

Anyone who's had these, lemme know!

BBC beats Caram to headline!

In breaking news, in entertainment, a certain video published and watched last night was seeded and then answered by both  the Clinton and Obama campaigns. Featuring Jack Nicholson  in both happy and irate states, these are great re-edits of  classic movies.
Both are tailored to suit the political move of the  moment and the strain of democracy it supports.
No fair!

Love in the time of Ahmadinajad

The persians understand love better than we might assume, as this recent ruling by an Iranian court shows (title link). They are also prepared to act upon it...

The image of ross below has been widely disseminated in the worlds; various media, so I couldn't help but rip it off.

All in ingilish.. all the taiem!

Love these.. came up in a beery conversation and just had to pick these up off the net.
They're both commercials for an egyptian TV station, playing with the Egybtian confusion with heavy and light b's and general pronunciation of ingilish... the songs they refer to are kind of obvious.

Heehee. For more here