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Sister Propaganda

Some fun I had with the Sisters and Bahar – The sisters are taking shape in my mind, as is the world around them, Bahar needs some more kerning work done to it…

The Legend of the Butterfly

The children in the broken world are raised by the Convent of the Smiling Sisters. They are told a legend…

Quelques Elles

To quote Maurice Chevalier once more  "Girls, Girls, Girls" Have some springish sketches of sprightly, seductive noncubi!

Rooftop Romance

Catwoman and Batman finding respite in rooftop romance…

Kitty me this, Kitty me that…

… Catwoman day! This is, of course, Selina Kyle, not the new feline female felon.

Sisters teacher…

"I was raised by the Convent of the Smiling Sisters.  Everyone was. They are our caretakers and teachers. Our friends, protectors and Jailers. They rock us to sleep at night. When we've been bad, they will come and steal us from the cot. That is when we pray to them that we may never be bad enough for that to happen to us."

The Happy Corner.

As of today, I believe every city should have a happy corner. It should include a colourful bench, sunshine at all times of day and be in proximity to at least one store.

Just when you wanna introduce her to the family…

It turns out the sweet girl lurking in your head is a cloned, psycopathetic, hive-minded enforcer from a post-apocalyptic dystopia in black and white… Snap dangit.

GWG Character

I quite honestly have no idea where she came from… one morning upon waking up, this female springs from a pencil swinging randomly over paper, wearing a trench-coat and slinging a pair of futuristic guns. For some reason, she falls straight into the world after the break, making me want to explore that in more detail… let see where (and if) it goes with this.

The Walls of Easter

'tis easter and the great graffiti documentation project hath been resurected! Halleluyah, and Huzzah!

May your Easters be full of cute, furry eggs and coloured bunnies!

Quick and magical sketch.

'nuff sed…

A day at the Museum

Today is easter egg day, hence these pictures of a visit to the Neues Museum, freshly and elegantly restored from its dilapidated state into a most enjoyable exhibition of most of pre-modern history.

Finally, we unearthed the crystal skull! An interesting perspective on paleontological bugs… Greeks, Romans and a reminder of mediæval pits My favourite pictures were taken through the blinds, which provided opportunities for pixel photography. A return to reality and the 9122nd sunset of my life. I liked that one.