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Here there be spies… Part III

This is one of those sketches I had a lot of fun making, but in the final analysis feels somewhat disappointing…

The spies ended up in a bar after training heavily for the day. They got heavily drunk.  A game of poker with some young KGB agents ensued.
Upon remembering that the KGB had been disbanded ten years ago, an existential crisis of epic proportions followed, bringing with it all the violence and mayhem that only a depressed binge on expensive liquor can generate.
They woke up the next morning, having forgotten everything but how to dress smartly and retired to a remote, but sunny headquarters somewhere far from where they had been last night.
Belle watched on from outside, eating celery.

Have the poster for that binge.

Here, there be spies… Part II

The colouring of the spies continues!
 After some experimentation, Belle was sent back to the training camp. 

Onwards from here!

Walls — on Ice (with skates!)

It was the year the Landwehrkanal froze over . And I took pictures while Berlin walked on.

Tuesday Happy!

My little Deskivrese

Cleaning up is one of those great and liberating activites.
I came across some pictures buried in the infinite recesses of my harddrive since last spring, reminding me of the mess that my workplace usually is. Have my desk, and all the labyrinthe objects that cluttered it at the time.

We hope you have enjoyed this short interlude from our regular programming and wish you a pleasant week!