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hello, faithful reader.

This is to announce that my usual insightful commentary will be moved to Ireland for the next couple of weeks, compounding what is allready an almost post-free month. I will see you then, with the first installment of the eire journals (following the Cairo Journals)

Oil Widget II

The oil price widget has worked it's wonders. Since I put it up, it has done nothing but sink and sink.. now at 132, down from that 145 mark I had started out at, it seems that the international markets have either come to their senses ( a tiny wee bit).
So hooray for demonstrative action!

This of course, does not mean that you should start using the stuff like mad (these kinds of price adjustments have to reach the consumer market first), but maybe it is a sign of things starting to be less expensive again. Rather take a moment to reflect on why a price of oil per barrel, evaluated amongst other things by demand, rose so high in the first place. It can't all be a few galahs on a Via del Muro speculating...

100th post… typography, part ???

So, after a week of no blogging, here's why… I've been too busy adjusting paragraphs and lines for a typography assignment… set a text in three different ways. What I ended up with is three booklets containing the same text I've been working with all semester looking and feeling completely different in each one.  Now that I'm preflight and almost read to print, here's  the section covers. More to come on this, when it's done and documented.  Also, post-balloonacy normality has been restored. All trace of any balloons have been removed from this blog. (Though I do hope that race does not fall under the category of one-hit wonders… and that we may bob up and down again)