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Profiled: Me

Recently, the CIN, via Raphael Thelen, did a profile of me. Find the text as published on the site below and the original a bit further down. Plus, dear reader, you finally get to know what I look like after all these years… 

“Hybridisation…Transnational…Precarious…Synchronous Narratives…Digital and Analogue Worlds… Design…Interventions”. Caram Kapp is spreading those thoughts before himself as he starts to speak.
Everything started with his family – an international bunch with roots in Egypt, France, Germany and Russia. “My family introduced me to society from various perspectives. This opened up horizons that only become visible when you change your point of view several times. They taught me that it is not a common nationality, but common principles, ideas and goals that bring people together to form a society.”
“Hybridisation” is a word that features heavily in Caram’s vocabulary. It describes the various causes and ideas that bring people to join their efforts across borders. “Borde…