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Christmas Merry!

YAAAAY! 'Tis Christmas!

NORAD finds Santa!

One of those traditions I did not know about is the tracking of Santa Klaus via NORADS extensive satellite network… so when that gay red man in red takes off, anything can happen as all the eyes in the world are on the presents for the good kids… (history via the BBC)

Merry Christmas all!

Must be Love…

For about a week now, this graffiti has been catching my attention… but due to bad weather conditions I knew any attempt to document it would be somewhat pointless…

today however, the sun came out for a few, brief moments, allowing me this quick snapshot:

The caption reads: To the shitty bitch… I wonder what she did to deserve this expression of Emotion?

Lets see what is made of this…

Hello people!
In a fit of video-making yesterday, this introduction for a kitsch exposition (or a 15 minute talk on the subject of Egyptian Kitsch.) Thanks to some advanced animation engineering equippement, and the Drums, the Drums, the Durums, the Drums and yes, the drums.

Die Kleine Kairæner Kitschexpedition from Caram Kapp on Vimeo.

Music is "Great DJ" by the Ting Tings, an earworm. But it gets annoying to have someone going AAA-A-AAA-A in your head all day.


In a different class, we were asked to write short texts– in German– about a logo. This one was written yesterday, about the logo for the Society of Museums in Brandenburg, from the point of view of the design agency…

2005 gestalteten wir das Logo des Museeumsverbandes des Landes Brandenburg.

Wir wollten eine aussagekräftige Marke für die kulturellen Einrichtungen des Landes schaffen, die sich mit der Prävalez von Konsummarken messen kann. Das grosse M für Museen hebt sich präsent von seiner Umgebung ab, signalisiert selbstbewusst, dass Kultur sich als alternative zum Shoppingausflug sieht, was von der Tüte nochmal unterstrichen wird.

Die Tüte erinnert uns auch daran, dass wir Kulturerlebnisse, wie auch den Einkauf, mit nach hause nehmen, unser Leben einer nachhaltigen und schönen Erfahrung bereichert.


Vollton Project Sketch

This is the last thing I'm going to post this side of the binding on my university workshop, Vollton.

It unites 19 Musicians in one Printed Cover, with the focus being very heavily on the challenge of working with spot colours, unusual bindings and foldings, in addition to the production of a book containing 19 designs created by the participants in the workshop for the musicians, taking up and continuing the tradition of combining music and graphic design.

Below is my sketch, which led to the format and folding of the book, which I will join in printing next week.


And in honour of all this printing with HKS colours, this coloured sketch of the week (or is it two?)


Recently. I've also been sketching some of my teachers a Uni, trying to capture their mannerisms in one pose… results!

Vollton, Spreads

And in other printing news, I need a clone right now.

After working on this for the better part of two months, it strikes me as somewhat unfair that I should have to be at work, selling computers, while my printing class gets down to the nitty- gritty bit of print producing things. GRRRR.

However, I do get to admire the handiwork of the entire class!

Work displayed in this post are by and belong to whoever made them!

The Caterers Catalogue, Pt II

Finally, the end result of the newest Food extravaganza for Hoffmanns catering!
Today, we have:

The cover of the final version, a bitmap and black/white extravaganza!

Comparision between the effect of the intro page, as originally planned and the final result.

Comparison of the picture formats in the original and final versions.

Proof Prints from the online print shop. Very nice job on that.

Alltogether, the making of this catalogue was an exciting journey and a good opportunity to put things learnt to a practical test.