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The Caterers Catalogue

So, what's your excuse this time, young man?

I've been busy with a new client recently. After the food icons for StudentSN, another food-related challenge, creating a catalogue for an oriental caterer. Let me take you through the various stages of the design:

Early days: The first, rough draft for the catalogue, with a placeholder text in Magenta:

Second Stage: Decorations are brought in, at first pixelated flowers,

these get taken out later on, instead arrangements are made out of Parsley and flowers, 

the colours get corrected,

and the type gets itself set:

Then, due to the limitations of the printer the client chose to work with, I get the fun of changing the whole format into A6 (from 12x10) in one morning, ending up with something like this:

Which is going into Print as we speak.

In the next installment of this journal, the printed book and Menus!

Monday Morning Beauty

I haven't been sketching enough recently… So to brighten an othewise rainy monday morning, i sketched and coloured this here young lady!

Blast From The Past: Spot On Stage

Five Years Ago, I was a different person.

The kind of person who will organise a theatre festival and produce it on shoestrings, putting it together out of thin air and oratory skill. It went rather well for what it was, and I got to keep my shoestrings.

I still attribute this in part to the designing I did for it at the time, even though from todays perspective, I have to admit the only thing I would use again from this project is the formats. And I hope to get the same support from friends and relations, should I ever be nuts enough to undertake this kind of venture again.

So, in my ongoing effort to divulge my past in design and die Gestaltung, here are those flyers, and the poster for the festival. Also, as I meticulously document process (in form of round silver disks), the road to the final logo and the poster. Ah, the days when I though Photoshop was the epitome of a good design tool! The Logo: Based on the britspotting logo of the time, the logo went through quite an extensive …

Wednesday Walk

The sun finally came out for a brief period before setting, so I decided to go out for a quick graffiti photoshoot before setting off into wednesday evening. Todays focus : Politlical graffiti, stencils, romantic traces on the streets of Berlin and some Wallpapers!

Lets start off with the latter:

And now… romance (pleace prononce with a frainch accént):

Ok, more like romanticism…

On with: Politics, politics, politics! (To quote Mel Brooks):

Translation: Privatisation's expensive.

Very political: Eat more fruit (Somewhat misleading in English).

Transl.: Thanks for your labour plan Mr Bush.

Transl.: Strikes Help!

Juvenile and direct!


I knew Faile and Banksy had done a tour of berlin at some point…

And a couple of miscellaneous ones that were too much fun not to share:

Burn after reading

Business has brought along silence upon my blogging once more.
But one thing I did do was watch the new Coen Bros. film.
And inspired by the Mario and Luigi of Cinema, I found myself staying up all night making this:

Also a nice opportunity to play around with some new, grungetastic fonts I have recently acquired!