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Two Minutes: Scracity

(N.)c. 1300, from Old North French escarcete (Old French escharsete), from eschars (

Does not negate abundance (antonym), but does put it in place, mostly by relating it geographically, by individual, market, nation-state or region. Creates an impression that something cannot be done for lack of a certain resource in another location (and the implied impossibility of sharing the resource, as it would be unfair to the place it is currently abundant in). Reversely, scarcity (whether present or potential) is also used to justify preemptive incursions to preserve future abundance.  
Creates competition and struggle. A scarcity of attention and time is distributed amongst a multitude (or superabundance) of voices and topics- creating a market for loud shouts and polemic, statements, allowing for the surfacing of a dominant voice that is amplified (rendered abundant), after which the voice, though abundant, becomes sca…