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All hail the canned Lions!

Here we are again, another year hath passed, and once gain, The Cannes Festival is upon us. The lions are being distributed to the lucky and the happy and the most creative.

Cyber Lions Dept.: If you needed confirmation, yes, the Best Job in the world Was an ad campaign to promote Australia, the Joker and Harvey Dent do exist and Fiat did do their bit to reduce emissions by interacting with their customers.

Radio is still Alive Dept.: Virgin scores in South Africa with a mad rush of shaved tortoises and plane madness. Brilliant surreal stuff! And the latest installment in Bud Lights' tribute to the underappreciated Men of Genius.

Fun From Japan Dept: Two words: Kitto Katsu!

The Best Job in the World seems to be the overall winner to me, winning Cyber, PR and Direct Grand Prix'.

The Link is in the title.

And We're still doing the Mercedes Commercial Student Project.


"A mad inventor, living underground, has undertaken to gather the scraps of civilisation to create his own version of the robots that populated the world before the Break."

What would a post-apocalyptic world be without ROBOTS??

Quick Avatar…

Now, it's not often that a cartoon series captures me to the point of wanting to draw it's characters, but Avatar definitely has me there… So here's a quick Aang, coloured for the fun of it.

Ahmadinejad is afraid of mice

It will not come as news to anyone that the web has long been an instrument of political expression when other media are censored or state controlled… And it will probably not come to news to anyone that the International Society for Human Rights is campaigning for the right of everyone to express their opinions freely. It will may be news to some that they do publish some excellent posters on the subject. The latest, possibly inspired by the Iranian elections, is this one:

A similar poster might be made for China…

Also well worth a look: boston.coms photo series on the aftermath of the elections in Iran.

Via Adsoftheworld/ Fontblog

Carl Klapp 10: Geek Heaven

Previously: A mysterious and beautiful woman has walked up the stairs of the shop Carl works at. He has noticed her presence.
This week: The conclusion.

Note: To break with the hard visual style, this week is presented in pencil. Consider it a slight Gaussian Blur.

More to come!

Dinolinonnear Storytelling

From Dinosaur Comics, an online strip I follow, this experiment in nonlinear storytelling. The premise is that the panels switch text every 84 seconds. This makes for a strip that can be read at least twelve times without reapeating itself.

A fun foray into fractured reading

Sunday, and the topic is… Cash.

It all started with a Streetpiece I found in Berlin-Mitte..

Then someone showed me the Wall found in Kreuzberg a few weeks back (Last picture). Then, going out on one of those I've-been-sitting-in-front-of-a-screen-since-midnight-and-it's-now-ten-in-the-morning-but-I- can't-really-tell-because-my-eyes-are-blurry walks, I discovered a plethora of cashflow-related stencils in my customary lens hunting ground, featuring all manner of personalities found on bills of varying denominations around the world. Photography ensued, and Blogging has now followed. I hope enjoyment is the final result.

This is the picture Thomas showed me at work, which rejuvenated my interest in these works.

Hope for more of these. The Egyptian One-Pound Coin features King Tut, who would be a funny addition to Berlin Walls.

UPDATE: I have discovered that these have been stenciled by Emess. More Info from the ATM gallery In Berlin. More Street Art by Emess on Flickr

After the Break III

And once again, an update from the Broken World…

"No more homes. People huddled in the ruins of palaces and huts, finding shelter where they could. Their empty faces filled windows, cold bodies warmed each other. Fire was practically the only technology left."

The background picture was purloined from Streetfiles member Inck

Obama Spam

We all know him, we all seem to follow his every move.

Ever since the man started running for president, the world has become increasingly inundated with news reports about Barack Obamas every twitch of a finger. In this spirit, I've gone through my RSS feeds and harvested a few headlines that feature what must be an extremely busy President.

Obama’s Face (That’s Him?) Rules the Web
June 2, 2009 11:56:09 PM GMT+02:00
Obama's Been in Office Long Enough. Time to Commoditize Him.
May 18, 2009 7:59:18 PM GMT+02:00
Obama hopes for Mid-East progress
May 29, 2009 6:43:13 AM GMT+02:00
Obama 'helped' Opel rescue deal
May 30, 2009 4:05:25 PM GMT+02:00
Obama meets pre-election pledge: taking Michelle to Broadway
May 31, 2009 8:28:19 AM GMT+02:00
Barack Obama retakes oath of office after inauguration day stumble
January 22, 2009 1:45:00 PM GMT+01:00
Obama hopeful on Mid-East peace
June 2, 2009 7:02:49 AM GMT+02:00
Barack Obama's inauguration: the menu
January 16, 2009 11:20:00 AM GMT+0…

After the Break II

Due general monotony during the workday, my mind once again returned to the world After the Break.

" They didn't remember why they were there, or since when. They didn't notice their flaking skin, or the trail of hair they shed. I hid as they passed me by, afraid."

It is a dark and gloomy world, filled with sparks of unexpected humanity.

.Funk Pairy 02

And finally, thanks to some research and inspiration through the 70's I found what our guitar heros background look slike! Have a final version!

After the Break

Welcome to the world after the Break. This is Just.

"It had become increasingly rare for people to stop and look around them. After the Break, people had retreated into their own little worlds, constructing elaborate fantasies to escape the current reality. Everyone knew it was bad. No-one wanted to admit it. Everyone was high on imagination."

There may be more coming from this particular world, so stay tuned.

True Blood…Mini Coopers?

Is this a surprising partnership?
After product placement has hit every major motion picture, it was only a question of time before it hit actual advertising. Cross-advertising for the Mini Cooper and HBOs True Blood (140609) has hit the streets of the US. True Blood is about Vampires, which are deemed to be cool (or at least, dead). The Mini Cooper is one of the coolest cars ever. You do the math.

Another line will be "Type GO".

This promotion is not limited to Mini. Other partners would include Harley-Davidson, Gillette,, and Geico, each promoting their own brand in the context of Vampires. Hmm… Gillette.

Previous efforts (in New Zealand):

Via Marketing Daily/Mediapost

Apple Showcases…Icons

While everyone and their dog is aware of the introduction of iPhone 3GS (I'm fairly sure the S stands for Steve… as in "Hang on, I'm getting a call on my Steve.") and that about 50 bazillion apps exist for Apples multi-touch platforms, my attention was caught by the way they have chosen to display this fact. Hooking up a dozen 30-Inch Cinema displays (Ah, God bless… the days when Apple monitors were the matte standard) they are displaying 10000 or so of those icons in what must be a very impressive showcase… See video for details!

Via Techcrunch

Update: More detailed material of people staring at the Hyperwall in awe is to be found here.

Testing Bahar…

So, here are a few tests I did this morning using the famous font in full evolution!

I have no Idea where all of this comes from, but sometimes all those quick brown foxes get a bit samey.

As usual, I am curious to know what the vote is on this!

Relaxing Commandos capture Wall!

In a feat of bold daring, the courageous Commando Shock Relaxation Troop™ has conquered the unstable wall under a rail bridge! Huzzah and hip hip Hooray! Caught on film and brought to you by yours embedded reporter.

Being a completist, I am left wondering who this is by…

Ya old Action Hero Doggie…

This may be a response to Nelson Gonzalez' series on WWII animals, it may be something completely different… you're getting a bomb-chucking shepherd. Enjoy.

I did!

Carl Klapp 09: Instinct

Today, Carl Klapp gets pirmal in black and white…

To be concluded Next Week…

Advertising for children.

I recently took part in a competition aiming to demonise the cigarette industry. Apparently they've been targeting children and young adults for years, turning our innocent young into smoking monsters. Taking that point of view, I made these:

The tagline reads: This cigarette ad targets children aged 2 and upwards.
The posters were run under the title "Role Models"

Now, I didn't win. I probably wouldn't be able to post this here, if I had. But what shocked me was the final selection that actually won the prize. I redefined militant non-smoker for me. Crying girls, soldiers with a cigarette texture… have a look at the winners here.