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The Colosseum: Returning from Empty.

Later on someone will tell me "Stop trying to make sense of it, just write about what little you see" In that spirit:

For what feels like the first time in months, I am in a blue sky with the sun above my head. 
A wish everyone in Berlin is currently expressing is an escape from what has been said to be the grayest winter since winters began being recorded and documented. Having suffered that greyness long enough, and business leading me to Cairo, I am glad to report that the sky remains blue and wide above the cover of clouds. The sun is still hanging in the sky, the clouds, so grey form below, turn into an endless white carpet covering and hiding Germany, until it disappears from sight.

This carpet seems to be covering all of Europe- a mountain peak here, a lake there, a hole in the clouds that looks like a floating island… We don't see any land until we're over Africa, and an ever-expanding network of lights tells us the ground below us is Alexandria, Damietta, and f…