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The Deoband Madrassah– a blast from the past

Now, this is one of my first(2005) , and strangely enough, as most complex and ambitious architectural projects with Maya. Commissioned by Dr. Farish A. Noor, then of the ZMO,  after his return from the Dar-Al-Uloom Madrassah in Deoband, India, this model is a fairly accurate rendering of the same, considering that all I had to go by were photographs taken there.
Built entirely in Nurbs (Approx. 125000 surfaces!!!), this project led a series of computers to crash due to it's immense detail an complexity. A few pictures: 
I had a lot of fun, even though, now that I have the appropriate equipment, I intend to plant a few trees in a model that has given me joy for a couple of years now. It might come in handy at a later date.


I attended a seminar by one of Jung von Matts'  (title link) CDs today.
Most of what she showed us were television ads, which is, for a beamer presentation, maybe ideal, as you get to see the ads you usually only get to see on the telly (or in my case YouTube). Some of the work was great, some of it not too much so, as it will be with ads but some of the ones that caught my eye most were the ads for Mercedes, which are in some ways quite fresh.

The one we saw in class was the Opera Spot for the C-class below, but further research unearthed the G-class ads found underneath that which I find rather refreshing. They also show that a good, proven product can be treated with a sense of humour.

The first one is impressive because of production values and a truly operatic soundtrack, an epic, classic ad, which makes it feels a bit too much at time. But it deserves mention due to some stunning visuals and a nice little plot. In ways it must have been inspired by the Don Giovanni imagery from…

Some more type

When homework is fun, you know you're onto something. So here are some more pics of my typography assignment. Next up: Titles!

At the end of the day

At the end of the day all we have left are the hours we have whiled away.If we are lucky, that is. 
To end this beautiful day, this sketch of d dragon. I finally feel I got the dragon feel "right", if that is possible. The colouring happened accidentally , which I always find nice. 


Today, I would like to share with you some musing on the nature of the paragraph.The following pages were laid out for a course I am taking at uni. The focus is a clear demarcation of paragraph beginnings and finding creative solutions to showing where the end and where they begin. 
As usual, comments are appreciated!

Pen, Opus II

Heres a re-edit of the pen Shown earlier. As noted earlier, I also no longer have to worry about the archives. Instead I now get to waffle a bit less right now, but more as Caranbolage grows, to get over the  label cloud, which works as such: 
It gathers the labels of the post and groups them into a cloud. Labels that appear often are displayed in a larger font size, whilst labels that get less attention, but nevertheless deserve mentioning are shown in a smaller font size. Click on the, and you are taken to a list of posts attached to the label. I decided that it was a more efficient way of categorizing posts, as I may return to certain subjects at a later date. 
For those who prefer taxonomical categorisation by chronometry, the archives remain at the end of the page. We wish you a pleasant browsing experience and hope you enjoyed this bout of expository waffle. Please hold on to your keyboards as our show continues. 
This is a more refined version of what turned out to be a very rough…


This to announce that the archives in the Sidebar of this blog have now been complemented by a so-called Label Cloud. 
This label cloud allows you to navigate the subjects and themes of this blog by label, in stead of chronologically, which, logically, makes more sense, considering that every post is a neatly labeled, tagged and timeless pearl of wisdom.
The archives have been moved to the bottom of the blog.

An exploration of details

Remember the pen I introduced a couple of days ago? I got turned down for the job, but it did lead to me playing around with textures and focus a bit.  So here, in all its glory and delight, the Lightwriter 3000 (Sans titles).
The whole thing took a lot of doing, but at the end of the day I feel it was worthwhile as the result is a lot more interesting than I had anticipated when I set out on this project thinking I'll do a couple of quick renders and I'll be done. Instead, it has grown, and will be allowed to grow even more as I play around with it. I might add dynamic particles to it, to see how they fly, or play around with setting this in an environment befitting the grandeur of the events herein depicted.
Then again, one might consider using motion paths to further enhance the writing aspect of the LightWriter 3000, which is, after everything has been considered, an implement for writing. The special thing about it is that it writes with light and can thus be used to write on…

New Girls with Guns!

Today, mostly Pirate and musket-themed girls make the scene! Number three might look familliar.

The Pen is Mightier than the sword?

Soo, what we have here is pictures of a pen I made today while applying for a job, and an ad I made out of it.. fun and simple