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Egyptian Embassy in Berlin Bombed

It is very enjoyable to watch Egyptian culture and lifestyle impressing itself upon Berlin. This comes in various forms: gatherings, lifestyles, sense of timing and more recently, street art.
The Egyptian embassy can celebrate its position as the focal point of Egyptian territory in Berlin, having been turned into a point of expression for the community in the city, who have expressed their distaste at a recent round of military arrests in the run-up to the elections in the country. 
Going back to ancient traditions, the Egyptian people have always painted their opinions on the walls of their home soil. Passing by it this morning, I notice that the one piece of Egyptian soil in Berlin had peen stamped with the seal of protest, the Egyptian Falcon is in the crosshairs, along with the SCAF officers. 
It may just be the Egyptian activist addition to the Berlin Biennale, which waxes very political this year.
Photo from Mad Graffiti Week Berlin

Al-Bachacha / آلبخاحة (The Spray Can): 1

This is the first in what I hope will become a regular format.

The last post on this blog briefly describes my first time to use only spray paint to create artwork in the framework of a workshop inviting some of the best and the greatest in Egyptian and German Street art.  Somewhere along the line, watching those two masters of cans, El Seed and Case, I realised that practice must make a lot better, even if the light colors by German Monatana paint is too thin.

Since that time, I've been engaging in mad amounts of practice, forming lines and shapes and beginners luck.

So, in celebration of the fun had with cans in the privacy of my flat, have some abstract shapes and colours (and a couple of stencils):