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Someone's been at the walls…

We haven't had one of these for a while, have we?

Streets and some places, walls filled with faces of paint.

Alex. The ground.

I felt like something very red this morning…

Grand Guignol: The poster

The quest for the creation of Grand Guignol Graphic Exhuberance continues. In this edition, the first sketch
for The Poster.

I had a lot of fun  The development of the poster was an interesting process to watch, as it grew from what you see here to something I hadn't set out for but ended up liking. 

While this version does not rank amongst my final favourites, it was a place to start…

You'll find an old acquaintance lurking…

More, as ever, to come!

Grand Guignol ca. III

This one's been out and had his fill. Nothing to be afraid here, just a bowing clown.

Grand Guignol Sketches III

It was bound to lead to this at some point…
Dark and murderous clowns have invaded my imagination. The only way to pacify their cravings was to banish their essences on paper and close the book on them.
Somehow one of them made their way onto my computer. And now onto yours.
Be moderately scared.

Happy Monday!

Aliens Ate My Hard Drive!

This game is not for those who value the contents of their hard drive.

lose/lose from zach gage on Vimeo.

A project by Zach Gage, this game, modeled on the Space Invaders of yore, takes the files you thought you had stored safely on that digital safe and turns them into targets for you to shoot at.

Killing those targets wins you points, but also deletes the file. So, by doing what you think is right in the game, you actually lose out in real life. Or open up a whole new "Dog ate Homework" scenario, depending on your perspective.

Those brave souls with over-full hard drives who wish to give this a try can download the game here. The mission statement is also worth reading.

Thanks to Jack Ack for bringing this to my attention!

Bunny, 2054 AD

Yep, this bunny has definitely been around and seen the world. Now, watch him as he winds down from his latest frustration near his favourite cardboard box…

Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Bones!

The conferencier stood, grinning. His choices of expression were severely limited, after all these years of welcoming guests, visitors and children of all states of decay into the theatre. The show had gone on for so long, he got tired of walking down the vast field of souls they had captured.

And yet, he stood, grinning, welcoming and croaking laughter and loud jokes.

It's all in the head…bones.

As you can imagine, I've been preoccupied with horror imagery recently… have a sketchy skull!

More to come… soon.

Grand Guignol- the flyers.

When we last left off, sketches were being drawn and discussions were being had at what these flyers might look like. Now I am happy to report that the flyers for the Grand Guignol shows in October have enjoyed two print runs, with subtle differences. In todays post, those subtle difference between the two versions.

The Front: What was once coming soon has now arrived in style!

The Back: Nothing was hurt in the making of this flyer…

I am also happy to report that this project has gained a website! Check in to find out more about what this Grand Guignol Malarky is all about!

Up next: Posters and the actual show.