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A bit of shameless Self-Promotion…

It's taken a while, but I am just a bit proud to announce that the first leg of my website is now online. 
It currently collects the sketches the readers of Carambolage my be familiar with, but will expand to contain… more… soon. Drop by and Enjoi! 
Also, should you happen to run across errors or mistakes, do let me know about them, please?

Rainy Run to Ruin

Ah, the joys of rain. Nothing provides a better dramatic backdrop to depression, save a high cliff and an ocean. Or a cafė filled with people. Todays sketch protagonist may be headed for either.
It rains
I run
I know not where to
I know not where from

My tears
Are Hot
They fall on the floor
They mix with the dirt

My goal
So far
A possible dream
Maybe a farce

(Just) to get up again
Just to fall down