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Random Browsing gets me a new face.

Two o'clock in the morning is generally a good time to randomly surf the web and the blogs. This lovely lady, known to me only as Wow Legs, points the blogophere in general to this brilliant Manga face creator. Akin to the Simpsonize me Viral effort, this allows you to create a mangaesque face for yourself, using prefab elements that actually work. Hours of fun to be had here.

I think this might be how some tv cartoons are made, right down to the script, except that they don't possess the power of a handsome jawline.

Just to clarify:
This is Wow Legs manga avatar. Generally, I try not to mangafy people I haven't seen in real life. The picture above is something I threw together as a test.

UPDATE: I don't know what happened here, but my clarification seems to have caused more damage than good. As my editorial standards prevent me from knowingly misinforming you, I posted the clarification (above) to do exactly that and not mislead the reader. I also wanted to preserve the identity of my guide to mangavatarisation. Instead I seem to have hurt the feelings of the latter, for which I cannot but apologise, as that was the last thing I wanted to do. However I would like to understand the whys of things. So Wow, if you're reading this, do tell me what I did wrong.

MORE Update: This post has taken on a life of it's own in the comments, a very exploration of cultural differences and a true comedy of errors, misunderstandings and erroneous statements... Hence I am going to post this picture of me, with yet another new face, illustrating an indisputable stance towards the world.

Me, the unicorn plank.


iceah said…
hey! you made me smile then laugh at the way you describe me am flatered dear c: visiting back here c:
iceah said…
are the pics on your right your works ? man your good c:
iceah said…
thanx for visiting back c: here to visit again and to grab the avatar you made of me c: am going to post it and please read what i'm going to write and link your blog as well c: thanx in advance c:
iceah said…
so sorry this is humiliating for me :c
iceah said…
apology accepted c:
iceah said…
it's maybe our difference in culture i was shocked by how brutally straight forward you explain things but i know you can't help it it's because that is who you are and you don't have to change it just learn to be sensitive at times it's ok i'm flexible though at times at least i saw that you were plainly explaining things and not intending to hurt c: thanx for explaining things to me as well c:
Caram said…
I have the wit of a plank with a nail stuck in it, I don't think it has very much to do with culture.
It's just who I am.
It has the advantage that you will, most of the time get a brutally neutral, honest and straightforward answer/ critisism/ blog post/ ad/ love letter/ constitution/ statement/ explanation from me, even if it does hurt sometimes. When and if it does, people are generally offended enough to tell me so, warning me to backpedal a bit.
Which I do.
iceah said…
c: well i just hope you would not shun away from me or us Filipinos, it's ok to be yourself in front of friends like me(do you consider me to be your friend now?)c:

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