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¡Berlin Stinks!

I woke up this morning to find that the city I live in stinks.

No really, it's official. The local transport authorities are looking into perfuming our malodorous metro trains with a unique fragrance, following the realisation that the scent of concentrated humanity, canines and spilt beer is not very pleasing to the nose.
I agree, but would love to see my native city of Cairo do this. When we were kids and took the trains, we used to joke, with a hint of sarcasm, that we were being bathed in Eau du Caire., also known as about ten thousand people crammed into one train car.
Back in Berlin, on my way home from work. I was squeezed between a drunken guy, a couple of unwashed punk girls stinking to the high subterranean heavens complete with dogs (less smelly) and a perfumed teenage whatchamacallit Altogether a miasmic mix, which I am not sure even the best-designed, most powerful Eau de Cologne (Old Spice, anyone?) could cover up.
I'm more in favour of daily baths.
And less powerful perfumes.

The title takes you to the Spiegelonline article that prompted this post.
Also thanks to Paul for pointing this out. I feel much happier now, knowing that I live in a stinking cesspit.


iceah said…
o really? i still want to go and visit your place c: just curious c;
Caram said…
most of the time I try to ride my bike when moving around the city, so i am used to the smell that this city produces.
But like someone said, Berlin needs to start appreciating itself for what it is.

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