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The Death of a Powerbook

Now that all the excitement is over I finally have time to publish my Powerbooks obituary:

This is to announce the passing on of Ks's Block on the 14th of January 2008.
KS Block was found at Saturn, where it was rescued from a prolonged existence as a demo machine. It was purchased in April 2004, whereafter it accompanied me through many adventures including the great Cairo Kitsch expedition, the Rescue of Neverwinter, The Roman Summer, The Madrassah File and many other twists and turns in the plot of the last four years.
It did many tasks it was not designed for, such as big and heavy rendering tasks, which sometimes forced it to work and toil for days on end, film editing with HD material and bookweight.
By the time of its death, it had, through my road warrior Lifestyle acquired many bumps, scratches and general patina. Symptoms of its imminent demise started showing in April 2007, when it received a new Hard drive and Battery to replace defective units.
It died as it lived: Quietly, while rendering, the graphics card finally gave out under the strain of yet another 24/7 job.
It has been a faithful companion through the years, proving it's usefulness and versatility time and time again while never complaining under the strain of the tasks it was asked to perform.
It will be missed.

Now that this is over with, dear reader, don't you think it strange that one should publish an obituary for a piece of computer hardware? Comment and opine!


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