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RTLTR IV: December 2017

This time jump takes us a couple of months into the future- it's December 2017. At this point, I've been making subtle, well-recieved hints that the current logo does not represent the association adequately for a while, so I'm a very happy person when the call to get on it comes in.

We know that part of next years' activities will include the design and development of a new logotype for the association, without knowing exactly where that road will lead us. Sometimes, I enjoy this kind of open brief, the kind that gives you the destination, but no map, or landmarks to orient yourself by- it allows experimentation, a lot of which will be done on my own time, and leaves an open question as to the result of the endeavour. It brings with it the risk of a longer than expected development process, many communications and course-corrections, but usually a satisfying reward and the journey, though arduous, is more adventurous.

In this part, I won't say too much more than this- what follows are the initial sketches for the logo, in no particular order. They range from the digitally pixelated semi-kufi to the ornamental adopted from islamic patterns and will remain forever very rough. Beginnings are always beautiful, wild things- no need to tame this one with words.

Next time, a bit more detail and technicalities as we enter 2018 and the actual production.


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