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Obamas inauguratory speech typoanalysed

… yes, it was a matter of time until something like this happened. But I didn't expect it to happen this stylishly.

Martin Pyper, working for the dutch creatie magazine, has gone over the enunciation and intonation with a fine-tooth typometer, and illustrated it typographically. Then he broke it down into statistics, showing us how often Obama used which term in his speech. From this we learn that Barack is a very us and our person, uses God sparingly and that America is mentioned 15 times within the speech to thunderous applause. We also learn that Ice-cream does not figure on Pres. Obamas agenda.

Of course, I am manipulating these statistics shamelessly, using them completely out of context and without reference to the actual speech. Here's the real breakdown, a very nice example of synchronic linguistics:

One should also make honourable mention of the font used within, Obama in various weights.

For those who want to compare, here is a youtube version of the speech:

(source: c-Span)

As per usual, you can see more of Mr. Pypers work by clicking on le titre of the post! I heartily recommend it, a it is mostly comprised of imaginative designs for diverse clients (and some for himself… vive l'expériment!)

And thanks to he abovementioned for being so kind as to send me the artwork as a PDF. Makes life a lot easier, that!


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