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Stories from an Imaginary Revolution

While many films have been made about the Egyptian revolution, many of them with very similar names, and many books have been written about it, very little actual storytelling seems to have happened, stories that leave realism behind and talk about the underlying spirit, or the meta of events, adding imagination to politics and a soul to culture.

I wrote my first short comic book script in years yesterday. 1
It's called "Sing!" and attempts to thematise the power of music and song in resistance. It may fall flat on its face, but I'm gonna draw it anyway, let's see where it goes. It helps that the characters took mental shape as I was writing. So, don't expect to see much of me in the next days.

The title is: Stories from the imaginary Revolution 1, implying that more are to follow. The concept is not exclusive to me and intends to bring together more than one imagination, so if anyone feels like joining in, please do.


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