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Spring Lessons / دروس الربيع

This is to say that this now exists:

Spring Lessons / دروس الربيع Initiative
is an international network for socio-
cultural events

We are an international network of artists, academics, curators, designers, filmmakers, journalists, musicians, storytellers, teachers and others who support, initiate and carry out cutural projects that further an understanding of freedom of speech & space, human rights and a global dialogue.

In the wake of the uprisings in Arab countries, the Middle East, Gulf states and MENA region, an incredible wealth of new images, sounds and sensations have reached the world.

In turn violent, beautiful, moving or shocking, this input has also generated an unprecedented artistic and cultural activity and international recognition for artists and cultural activists from the region. The uprisings have also inspired people worldwide to re-examine the situation closer to home and to look for new solutions to problems either forgotten or hitherto ignored.

The Spring Lessons Initiative seeks to create forums in which cultural activites and initiatives can be presented and put in context through exhibitions, discourse and installations. Photographs, films, spoken words sung, shouted, cursed and whispered demonstrate the ways through which people tell their stories. They are finding new ways to help others, and themselves.

Through arts, culture and media cooperations, it aims to further the global discourse on social justice, human rights, and democracy.

The main interest of the Spring Lessons Initiative is to create a wide network of people involved in the sociocultural field and to help with the conception, organisation and realisation of such projects.

In addition, we are planning a series of projects and events throughout 2012 and 2013 which will focus on the Middle East, MENA and Gulf States setting current developments and long-standing conflicts into (artistic) context.

JOIN US We are looking for support from cultural actors, activists and artists with a specific interest in such projects. Should you be interested in our ongoing activities or wish to suggest a project, please contact us via this page.

WE SUPPORT YOU We can provide you with our own expertise and experience, with conceptional, logistical and organisational support for international projects, with our backers list and wide networks, and first and foremost with innovative, interesting projects to join. 


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