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Type Research Diary: Conclusion

This project has been with me and you, dear reader, for a while now, and I am happy to say that this, too has reached a stage of near-completeness.

Together with the magazine from the last post, the culturefile is the first part of a three-part cycle I am working on about the Arab spring. This part is the past, the second part, presented before this one, the present and the third part, due begin in late July, will represent the future.

So, in todays ongoing mission of spreading happiness through spreads, this:

Many thanks to all of those who have involved themselves in this project through interest, coercion or necessity!

A Note: This still lacks a name. Suggestions are welcome!

The same applies to this project as did to the last: To anyone happening on this blog and finding their material within: Up to now, this project is entirely non-commercial. Should my use of your output offend you, please get in touch with me. 


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