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The story so far…

This is a text- heavy post.

Recently, I've been using my Facebook status for some storytelling, after a sleepless night yielded a good beginning for a tale. There is no real aim to this, except for the fun of writing status-length paragraphs.So, to recap, here is what has happened in this, yet unnamed, story to date:

"…it might just turn out to be one of those days…" he thought disjointedly, as he watched the night melt into the morning, assisted by the chirping of too many birds. The light was dirty gray, the suns' rays stopped by a thick layer of rain clouds. He downed the last shot in the bottle and stared out of the window in disgust. "A new day… feels the same as the last new day…"

At ten, the buzzer rang. A voice somehow made it clear it was attached to someone who wanted to wanted to offer him work. He had not worked since the Siddiq Case. He also realised he was surprised to find that someone would dare to hire him after all the controversy that had brought… the DA must still be fuming at the incedents of that night…

A knock on his dirty office window brought him away from his thoughts. He could see a trenchcoat, and a head of flowing hair in silhouette. It was jaw-droppingly, luciously obvious his visitor was going to be, mildly put, female. "May I come in Mr. —?" Her voice made his brain tingle, a more than pleasant sensation. The intercom had not done her justice.

"Just a minute." He said more calmly than he felt. Looking around, he noticed the piles littering his office. On his way to the door, he threw the most obviouse ones between the door and the desk into the Dark Corner. He would have to clean that out someday… but knew he would't like what he would find.

Confident that his mess was elegantly concealed in the shadows of his office, he stepped towards the door. He saw his face reflected off one of the dusty window panes. If he smelt the way he looked, he was not the impressive sight he was hoping for. He took a deep breath, made a last attempt at taming his hair and opened the door. "Come in, Lady. It may not be much, but make yourself at home."

She stepped in, her hair flowing in the flow of the trenchcoats flaps, a perfume trailing behind her, taking his nostrils by surprise, filling them with scents he did not know he appreciated. Quite unlike himself, he offered her the hard chair and took her coat. "May I get you a drink, Miss…?" "I would appreciate coffee, if you could manage…" She reclined on the chair, pulling out a monogrammed cigarette case.

She lit herself a cigarette, watching him fumble his way through to the kitchen. "May I?" Glad to hide his face behind something, he got a smoke from the kitchen. He put the kettle on to boil and jined her. She was standing in front of the window, the sun lighting her face through the small hole she had made in the dirt to watch the street through. She was gorgeous, of course. What had he expected?

There is more to come, as this is an ongoing idea, and I will post it as it comes. Maybe at some point, we will end up with a fully- fledged story.


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